What We Do

DevOps / System Administration  is not a set of tools or products, its a methodology of designing, maintaining, managing and automation of IT Operations.

We have combined Development Operations and System Administration teams to have set of standardized processes, automation and maintenance for core infrastructure and application deployment. We make sure by using industry standard products, applications and tools you get faster innovation, enhanced efficient deployment and operations so that you can focus more on your core business goals and needs.

We support almost any application language and framework based on either PHP, JAVA, Python, Ruby and Node.js. We also have years of experience working on almost any web server like Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish, Weblogic, NGINX etc.

Our vast experience of handling enterprise web applications having high traffic, mission critical with zero downtime, high availability and scaling needs makes us the absolute choice for your IT Operations.

By relying on us as your DevOps / System administration team, You get 24×7 monitoring of your infrastructure, Configuration management of your infrastructure using modern tools like Puppet, Ansible, Saltstack etc and Continuous integration from Development, Staging, Acceptance and Production environments using tools like Jenkins, Teamcity and TravisCI.

Discounted Bundles

For Pricing and any other inquiries please send us your details.


Security Hardening & Patches

We go through a audit of your infrastructure, perform security hardening, vulnerability analysis, keep your infrastructure, operating system up to date to known vulnerabilities and bugs patches.


Monitoring is very important part of infrastructure and We thoroughly monitor the infrastructure availability to take prompt actions for any incidents along with monthly graphs and reports.

Configuration Management

As your infrastructure grows it gets difficult to manage the configuration, updates and overall integrity. We deploy tools and custom designed scripts to automate this complex process giving you birds eye overview.

Continuous Integration

Your Code, Our Tools. Deployment process has always been complex and managing transitions from Development to Production requires alot of manual work, Which we overcome using latest tools to automate your builds, testing and deployment procedure.

High Availability & Clusters

Your mission critical applications needs to be available all the time to provide zero downtime to your customers, We ensure that your application and database servers are highly available, fault tolerant and load balanced to efficiently use their hardware resources.

Virtualization & Containers

We Breath! We Live! Virtualization. We understand Hardware often does not get efficiently utilized that is why, We extensively make use of Virtualization and Containers on bare metal servers to ease scalability and automation of deployments.

Technologies we use

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