Is Your Website Slow ?

Performance nowadays is a huge issue in terms of customer experience and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) !

Are you experiencing slowness in page load time, Your website gets slow when you have high traffic ? Then you are at the right place !

We have expertise in optimizing your website whether its built using WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Opencart or any other content management system (CMS).

We have vast experience in managing and optimizing high traffic websites whether you have just started or you already have a website up and running.

Discounted Bundles

Get your website Optimized by us. If you choose to host on one of our vast range of Servers, You get a Special Discount!

For Pricing and any other inquiries please send us your details.

Our Services

Wordpress Optimization

Magento Optimization

Other CMS / eCommerce Optimization


Optimal Page Load Time

We analyze your website using GTmetrix, Google Developers and PageSpeed to make sure you get good score and fast page load time. We optimize Web Server, Database and go through Minifying CSS, HTML, JavaScript and Image optimization.


Caching is one of the key elements of optimization in order to save resources for the content that is being requested again and again. We make use of PHP-FPM as high performance method of running web applications and APC / Memcached memory caching system.

CDN Integration

Location of your server is important with respect to visitors of your website. We can integrate some of the best CDN providers like Amazon, Cloudflare and MaxCDN which will distribute your content to multiple geolocations and serve content from the nearest one.

Server & OS Tuning

We are experts on Server Security Hardening and Optimization. We tune operating system level kernel parameters, Optimize file systems, Webserver, Database performance tuning and recommend if current hardware / environment needs to be upgraded.

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